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How to change an Analog (Wired) Camera into a Wireless Camera

In analog Wired Camera Systems, the cameras are connected to the DVR with coaxial cables. If hard wiring is too time consuming or very difficult or if you just want to make a rear camera portable you can use these wireless transmitters for analog cameras. These devices use radio frequency to transmit the CVBS signal generated by analogue cameras. They are compatible with all CVBS devices, but do not support the high resolution analog formats: AHD, CVI and TVI.These wireless video transmission systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver.

The transmitter is connected to the camera.

How to Transmitter Install

This kit includes a digital wireless audio/video Analog High Definition (AHD) Transmitter (TX), and an AHD Receiver (RX) that utilize the 2.4GHz signal band. All other specifications are available on our website The TX/RX are paired by a matching ID which is automatically selected when powered on. The units must be at least 6 feet apart to operate. The transmission range is approximately 600 feet line of sight. Do not switch on the power until both RX & TX units are connected and ready to be used.

Step 1: Connecting the TX to an AHD Camera

TX Transmitter & Antenna

• Input: RCA yellow & white. Black 12v DC in.

• 240v -12vDC regulated power supply (included)

If you purchased this kit as a complete wireless nest box camera system, then the TX is likely to be connected to the camera already. Otherwise observe connections as follows: Yellow-Video / White-Audio / Black 12v DC in The regulated 240/12vDC plug should be inserted into a mains power supply ideally situated inside an outbuilding such as a shed or garage. 5 or 10M DC cable extensions are optionally available from us at additional cost if required. Screw the antenna onto the TX NOTE: If you have purchased this kit to make your own wireless conversion for an existing AHD camera, then you will need to ensure the power supply and all connections are weatherproofed.

Step 2: Connecting the AHD RX to a TV/Monitor RX Receiver & Antenna

• Output: RCA yellow & white

• Input: Black 12v DC

• 240v -12vDC regulated power supply (included)

The RX will need to be connected to an AHD Monitor or an AHD – HDMI Converter for connecting to a TV. Screw the antenna onto the RX

Step 3: Ready to go! Switch on the mains power for the RX first then the TX, they will pair automatically within a few seconds. Switch on your TV and select the appropriate Channel that you connected into to see your camera!

The transmitter and receiver are delivered paired by factory so no configuration is required. The transmitter is generally positioned near the camera, but you can also place it at a certain distance if this allows to avoid obstacles and obtain a better signal transmission. Please note that these devices use RCA video connectors: if your camera has a BNC connector you will need an adapter.


How to Install Your Transmitter



Transmission range up to 600ft

These transmitters and receivers for analog cameras allow line-of-sight transmission range up to about 600 feet between the two antennas. These video transmitters are ideal for  VEHICLES BOATS, TRUCKS, LIFTS AND OTHER MACHINERY where passing cables between camera and monitor/DVR can be a problem. You can use up to 3 transmission systems in the same environment without them interfering with each other. 


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