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Get 15% OFF | Code: MEM2024
Get 15% OFF | Code: MEM2024
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Buy Now, Pay Later Financing
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Money Back Guarantee
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Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Earn money with us easily! Just share links to our website or to the product you bought from us with friends and colleagues and make money on EVERY sale that is created!

Our simple process allows you to copy and paste links, share on FB, Insta, Tiktok, etc. or send via email and when your friend/colleague clicks on the link, now this is your customer! And you will make $.08 on every dollar they spend, it is that easy. 

The FalconEye Electronics Affiliate Partners Program offers regular newsletter updates, compelling creative assets, publisher incentive programs, affiliate exclusive offers, and more. Each FalconEye Electronics affiliate partner earns 8% commission on every sale they refer. 

We create products that are as hard-working and important as America's truckers. Innovation is key and FalconEye creates a wide range of durable trucker products with the latest audio and visual technologies made for professional drivers.



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