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Welcome Insurance Company Partners

Falcon Electronics Partners

Why Partner with Falcon Electronics

FalconEye Electronics is a manufacturer of a full line of dash cams, multi-cam wired and wireless cam systems, live streaming 4G/WIFI systems, backup cams and more. These camera systems will help protect your company from fraudulent claims, reduce overall accidents, improve your driver’s driving habits and most likely reduce insurance costs over time. FalconEye offers volume discounts, favorable to any size company and budget.

Program Details

  • Falcon Electronics has the broadest selection of Camera Systems in the US.
  • We have a product for every need and every budget.
  • We are known for our very affordable, reliable camera systems from Single Forward Facing Dash Cams to Top of the Line 4G Live Streaming Remote View Multi-Camera Systems.
  • We can provide additional exclusive discounts on those products for your clients.
  • Clients can use exclusive Discount Codes to order online or can call direct to place their order with Pre-Sale Help and Post-Sale Technical Support. Always someone to speak with (during business hours); no FAQ online searching for answers and assistance.
  • We have great reviews online from Truckers.
  • We can participate in your major trucking industry events.
  • We can provide Flyers for use during your clients Safety Meetings.

Benefits of Recommending Camera Systems to Your Clients

  • Camera Systems are now considered an ESSENTIAL piece of equipment.
  • Camera Systems provide a video “WITNESS” that can protect your client against claims that may prove their driver (and you as insurer) are not at Fault or liable; especially critical in “Cash for Crash” type schemes.
  • Some Insurance Companies offer reduced deductibles to fleets with Camera System equipped vehicles saving the Insurer money over time.
  • Indeed, a single incident can save both insured & insurer thousands of dollars and hours of time when camera video can provide the evidence to exonerate the client and driver from responsibility.
  • TV ads regularly feature attorneys who are actively soliciting clients involved in collisions with “Big Rigs”; looking to win a “nuclear” verdict that could potentially cripple or eliminate your client’s business.
  • A fairly minimal expense for a Camera System upfront can potentially have huge savings.
  • In addition, some drivers it has been shown are Safer Drivers with Camera Systems.