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Buy Now, Pay Later Financing
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Money Back Guarantee

Fleet Safety


How our Fleet Services team will serve you:

  • Excellent personalized customer service

  • Free quotes customized for your business

  • Sample discounts on dash cams and camera systems

Benefits of Dash and MDVR cams:

  • Defend against insurance fraud

  • Protect driving record

  • Help win insurance settlements

  • Save on deductibles

Want to try a product for your fleet now?

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Our Story: Top Dawg has been in the trucking business for over 15 years and knows what products serve the clients best. Jared Jolly started Top Dawg in a small warehouse in 2001 taking orders mostly by phone and fax. Over the years the Top Dawg brand has become known for it's quality and insightful products catered specifically to the trucking industry.