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Our Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate Partner today

FalconEye Electronics affiliate partners have the unique opportunity to earn a commission by referring customers to Each FalconEye Electronics affiliate partner earns 8% commission on every sale they refer. 

We create products that are as hard-working and important as America's truckers. Innovation is key and FalconEye creates a wide range of durable trucker products with the latest audio and visual technologies made for professional drivers.

Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Earn money with us easily! Drive traffic to and quickly earn commissions from purchases made by customers you refer. The FalconEye Affiliate Partners Program offers regular newsletter updates, compelling creative assets, publisher incentive programs, affiliate exclusive offers, and more.

 FalconEye Affiliate Program

  • Make money by showing off your FalconEye Cam System
  • Send customers to FalconEye Website and watch the commissions come!
  • Earn 8% commission for every referred sale
  •  Easily track all of the website visits and sales you are responsible for
  • Receive sales support and training from our product experts


Are you a new FalconEye Affiliate? Click on the Quick Start Guide below to get started!

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